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We are a youth-led organisation that wants to provide teenagers with the platform where they can as said in Invictus “Be the master of their fate”. We believe that we are the future, hence this is a platform where we can shape it. To do so, we provide the best content every week through our blog and we help others make their dream true through our Global Chapters.

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Have you ever opened the newspaper or perhaps tried to  watch the news? If yes then we are sure that you must have come across “bad news”. News that made you want to bring about a change. News that conceivably gave you a new perspective. But then you didn’t know what to do next? It’s okay because we have got it all laid out for you.

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At Beyond the Page we aim to write without fear or favours.We believe in unbiased opinions that not only help us know the world better but they can also help spread awareness.

“I am the master of my fate,
                I am the captain of my soul.”