We believe in collaboration!

Beyond the Page believes in growing with our communities. All of our sponsors and collaborators are amazing organisations that work towards bettering this world! All of our Partnerships are unique.Byond the Page focuses on creating long-lasting relationships with our partners so that we can support them every step of the way!

Our Sponsor!

E2H stands for Education, Environment and Health, our three pillars of engagement.

Focused on projects and activities that synergistically integrate these three pillars, E2h works with communities to craft solutions that directly benefit people, nature, and the collective living environment.

By drawing upon their expertise in design, planning, and applied use of information technology,E2h aims to address prevalent issues afflicting India; low literacy, social backwardness, political ignorance and mass-scale migration by creating programs and frameworks that are inclusive and responsive to the cultural and ethnic diversity of local communities.

We are more than honored to be partnering with them.

Our Partner

The Augment Review is a student-run literary and art magazine aiming to uplift youth voices. They want to showcase all types of art and writing, and they love experimentation. Their staff applications and submissions for Issue I: Indulge are currently open! They provide feedback for every submission and respond within two weeks. Check out their website for more information!