About Beyond the Page

We are a youth-led organisation that wants to provide teenagers with the platform where they can as said in Invictus “Be the master of their fate”. We believe that we are the future, hence this is a platform where we can shape it. To do so, we not only conduct monthly webinars but we also provide the very best content each week through our blogs.

When we are teenagers, everyone expects us to just do the average-get straight A’s, stay out of trouble, don’t indulge in wrong activities, follow a great career path and make your elders proud, but what if you want to do more?

Perhaps you want to change something in your neighbourhood like introducing different bins for recyclable waste, well most of the time people will tell you that “You are too young to make a change” or “Focus on your studies these distractions won’t benefit your future”

WellTeam Beyond the Page believes you are never to young to make a change, in fact ambition at a young age is an amazing trait and no one should be punished for it. I mean Great Thuberg did it, Malala Yousafzai did it, why cant you?

With this mindset, our founders and CEOs-Nikeeta, Manya and Mehr started Beyond the Page Workshops at first where they taught 15 kids from all over India the basics of Model United Nations. Following the workshop they started a blog where they wrote articles about current topics such as Mental Health, Child Rights etc and Today they along with an amazing team of members have made Beyond the Page- the final destination for all Gen Z to make an Impact.

If you also want to be involved in this journey head to our Work With Us page and apply to be a part of our team today.