Model UN Summer Workshop 2020

Model United Nations is very beneficial as not only does it make one more aware about the surroundings and be a great thing to jot down on your college applications but it teaches several future skills as well.

The two week long online workshop conducted by experienced inter-regional MUN’ers in June 2020, sponsored by E2H, saw 15 students grow into assertive individuals, developing the knack to form structured arguments and research complex agendas.

The following newsletter is attached for more information.


Anushka has thoroughly enjoyed it and I have seen her total involvement and dedication towards all the research. Your guidance has been amazing and she has learned a lot from this workshop and I must give u due credit to all of you. Another thing which impressed me was the promptness and eye to every detail that ur team has brought into the workshop. It's lovely to see such young students show such professionalism. It's been a completely worth workshop and I would definitely recommend it. All the best for the future!
_-Anushka Mohatta's Mother

1. The difference I see in her is she more ready and open to discussions now and more curious, as she's quite an introvert. Even if she knows it all she wouldn't really open her mouth.
2. I was more than happy with all you guys covered, as this is Anya's first MUN.
3. I can see how much she has learned, not just the jargon, learned to deep dive into research.
-Anya Aggarwal's Mother

Ahaana has learned a lot of new things, about different treaties, about what is happening in different countries and why do such situations occur, and many other things that we never even knew about. This workshop taugh her how to have an opinion what's right what's wrong. Overall, it was a very good workshop and I would definitely recommend it to others!
-Ahaana Saraf's Mother

All of you have done a wonderful job! It was the first time amol has attended something like. I'm happy to see his curiosities from him about different subjects and his learning from him as to how to research and create formal papers. How to communicate formally and learn skills of negotiation. He needed to speak with u again after classes to understand what really needs to be done. But after the call we could understand perfectly. Overall it was a wonderful experience. Thank you!
-Amol Data's Mother

This was the first time I enrolled my daughter in any kind of workshop. I was a bit apprehensive at first but then after speaking to one of the organizers I had no doubt that my daughter would benefit a lot from it. She has always been a little shy at speaking in large crowds but after this workshop I definitely see a change in her from her. Moreover, this workshop has enriched her general knowledge of her and taught her things that even I never heard of! All the modules that she got were easy to understand and super coherent. I would definitely recommend to all and will surely enroll in any upcoming events. Overall, it was an amazingly organized and executed workshop!
-Nayan Kapoor's Mother

Gayatri had an amazing experience in the MUN workshop. Her speaking and debating skills have improved and she wishes to enroll more in this field. Mehr, Nikeeta and Manya have done a very good job and taught the children well about the MUN structure. We look forward to more workshop conducted by them!
-Gayatri Bharghava's Mother