Expectations or Limitations

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Like a caged bird whose wings are chipped off,

Given no freedom nor any understanding at all,

Whenever we want something all we get is a scoff,

What reason is there to live after all?

Demanding control over all our lives,

Making everything look fine by giving high-fives,

Shouldn’t acting like this be a taboo?

Isn’t it how animals are caged in a zoo?

As all the rays of hope diminish,

There still is an urge to live,

Life isn’t even that awful,

But what good will it be to always be so mournful?

We are taunted and elucidated that life isn’t even that tough,

Is that really enough?

While dealing will all this dilemma of fate,

One should decide as it will never be too late,

Is this just a phase? Will we never get any praise?

Will life always be as complicated as a maze?

“This is the 5th time you have done this!!”

And where were you the whole day??

Counting our mistakes one by one,

Fighting over the smallest things one may have done,

Questioning us over why we are always so dismal, or cheerful,

Repeating again and again that we should be more considerate and careful.

We don’t need their money, name or fame;

Everyone is not the same;

To them, all this may sound just very lame

But for us, this is so not a game

All we ask for is some space

We just want to go in our own little happy place

Is it really so hard for them to embrace?

Disturbed. Infuriated. Lipid.Yet they don’t even care.

It’s as if i can’t escape from this anywhere,

Is life really fair?

Aah!! No words can describe my pain.

All that can console me is the soothing smell of rain.

Don’t you feel the same?

I felt it, the anger.

Not at anyone else but me.

I wasn’t able to control it.

It was as if it was killing me.

It made me weak from the inside,

But from the outside I was like a big oak tree.

Soon the world seemed to be all dark and scary.

I was unable to breathe.

It felt like there was poison in my veins and arteries,

Reaching every part of my body, toxicating them gradually.

My anger was just a part of my frustration and agony.

Just when I thought to myself:

Teenagers rebel and shrug,

But me? I shall stay calm and kind.

I shall enjoy life to the fullest.

After all, “Life is like a roller-coaster.

It has many ups and downs,

but it’s your choice to either scream or enjoy the ride”.


Think of the last time you were humiliated or embarrassed by your loved ones. Did you feel like co-operating? The answer is no. A very common myth that exists in today’s society is that being able to “do it all” avails us to keep accomplishing and working hard. Yet, the stark reality is that while doing all this, we forget to enjoy life to the fullest. Rather than sulking in your bedroom when you get scolded by your parents, envisage positive thoughts and calm yourself by pursuing things you love ( your hobbies, for instance, drawing, acting, singing,etc.). Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and then expecting the other person to suffer.

There is a very common saying: “Good things come to those who wait ”.I say “Good things come to those who try their best for it”. Every single day when you wake up, choose the path of discipline instead of regret. When you know who you are and what makes you content, it doesn’t matter what others see you as. This is the reason why parents should give their children the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. We worry about what we will become tomorrow, yet we forget that we are someone today.

Can you guess one thing that multiplies when you share it? Its happiness. As Charles Darwin once said: It is not the strongest or fittest species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to challenging situations and changes. Teenagers and adults should imbibe that in today’s world if they think too much, seek too much and want too much, they obliterate the joy of being. Believe in yourself because your voice is important, because your dreams matter, because your opinions hold significance, because there is only one you and because you are worth it.

I would like to end by quoting Franklin Roosevelt : “ A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor”.

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