Manseerat Bachhal

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF public relations

Hey my name is Manseerat and I am an individual who is super excited about volunteering, doing internships, applying for all these different courses, basically anything except for the subjects we learn at school 😉 Well that was until I found about student-led organisations and at this point I am working for 5 different organisations all in different fields, it’s amazing besides all this I have enrolled in a course about modern art because I really like to paint; to make miniatures, I have even started an online website where I sell all these miniatures called Despire which is something I conjured up with Desperate and Aspire so it means desperate to fulfill my aspirations. I am not sure shot about what specifically I want to do , I just want to be a part of everything that’s going on around me like I said I am despirate . So I guess Despire pretty much sums me up.

Lahin Maknojia

Executive Director of Outreach Team

Hello my name is Lahin and I am from Pakistan!! I am an enthusiastic learner who is very keen to explore new stuff and love to grow in different sectors of life. My life was a roller coaster in which I was the only one riding until I found out about different organisations and gave my part into others life where I found out that no matter what your profession is if you really want to do something positive you will be provided with a thousands of opportunities where you will stand out and be the change!! As we all know that this pandemic brought us unexpected twists but congratulations as we survived and learnt a lot of skills so come forward with love, hope, compassion, kindness, acceptance and forgiveness within yourself and “BE YOUR OWN MASTER”. In the end, I would like to thank beyond the page for this amazing opportunity and I will work more harder towards this cause!!